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RadiusUserInfo Help
« on: February 28, 2005, 12:36:10 pm »

I have downloaded proftpd and the mod_radius.

I have some questions and I really appreciate if you can help me in some issues because because I really have to get the ftp server working ASAP.

The FTP server is on RHEL AS4.

I was able to configure it using the source code “./configure --with-modules=mod_radius” and It worked well with the radius server using simple config. [RadiusUserInfo 5500 10 /home/ftp_admin /sbin/nologin]

Now I want to have to sets of users [one admin that has the ability to upload and download and simple users that just download files]

We have a steel belted radius server running over windows 2003

I added this dictionary file “unix.dct”

ATTRIBUTE   Unix-UID                     26        [vid=4 type1=10 len1=2 data=int2] r

And I added to the /etc/proftpd.conf file the following

 RadiusAcctServer ftp
 RadiusAuthServer ftp
 RadiusEngine on
 RadiusLog /var/log/proftpd_radius.log
 RadiusVendor unix 4
 RadiusUserInfo $(10:5500) 10 /home/ftp_admin /sbin/nologin
 RadiusUserInfo $(11:5501) 10 /home/ftp_admin /sbin/nologin

5500 is the unix uid for the ftp admin
5501 is the unix uid for the other users

Im not really familiar with the attribute things and what 10 and 11 does ….
I just took it as it is from some ones post
That’s why I wasn’t able to figure this out!!!
Is what im doing right??
If not, what is the right configuration? or is there some documentation that goes for this configuration step by step ??? J

I really appreciate any help.

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Re: RadiusUserInfo Help
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2012, 11:39:13 am »
I'm trying to pull in gid from my cistron radius server using the
RadiusUserInfo statement to determine access privileges on my ftp
server.  My cistron install doesn't have the dictionary for Unix-*
attributes, and googling didn't find anything helpful. :)


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